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This is the answer to a question from Spencer Jones of Chicago, USA.
讲解: 陈中华 Chen Zhonghua   片长 Movie Length: 3 Mins 分钟   语言Language: English 英语   年代Year: 2020  难度Difficult Level : 4/5  地点Location: Edmonton Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy.


Desynchronization 2020.07.21
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Mr Spencer Jones, your question is about synchronization and a desynchronization of the movement, so first of all, let me define synchronization, synchronization is when one body part moves, other body parts tend to synchronize to mimic the move of that body part


so when the hand and elbow, the arm moves in like this, the rest of the body, you’re waist your shoulder, your knee, they all like to move , its like this here.

in Practical Method, we regard this as a mistake, as a error, we should not do that.

so desynchronize this static posture is that the rest of the body will not move with the arm, only the arm moves.

and  with the arm there’s also 3 points here shoulder, elbow and hand, the movement must be led by the elbow coming in.

so it looks very simple and looks very awkward and looks very mechanical. So if you go like this here, this is a synchronized, and we don’t want that, we just want it here.






so the next move I’m using a particular move in the form here , you turn left to step forward, so we tend to do this. But its here, its only here , its only the waist and the elbow.

 it looks actually like this move, it’s not. it’s the hand here, shoulder here,its actually lead by the elbow. When I step, nothing move,  it’s the whole body.  its like you are siting in the car, you’re not doing anything, the car went to the shopping mall, you didn’t walk there, your body did not do anything.



1’50”:so the upper body is finished here, the rotation of the waist, the stepping here, this triangle structure, open triangle, appear to have moved to this way, and it is almost, you c BB an say ,that this is a visual magic, or it’s a deception. it’s a visual illusion. It’s not really what happened


so this here is how we do it ,now the problem here is, once you understand the synchronization with desynchronization, the so-called desynchronization, in a simple sense, does not exist in our daily life, and it does not exist in any taiji forms.


so what happens is that the desynchronized movements of every body part, together, with some how overall mastermind in this case we call choreography.

 the choreography, graphical design is such  that when you are making each (move) like here and bend the knee and turn the waist, all these here, your body appears to move.

its not like move, move ,move ,like this here .




so I will use a very simple form here, cloud hands, so with very little move here, in , in , out,  , it’s not like this .

but overall, then with the stepping together, as you do this here, and all the different pieces, it will appear that your body is actually moving forward, it actually does not, the body always stays here, here, it does not involve this move here.

hope that answered the question.





Spencer Jones:

In the past I’ve heard you talk about the top half and lower half being two different rhythms. I was aimlessly trying to incorporate that into this move. This explanation is very clear. Now i just have to watch your movements in slow motion a few hundred times. Thanks again.

Chen Zhonghua:

Best way is to look at how the car moves. Wheels rotate and the body of the car moves forward. We normally assume that the car body movement and wheel movement are the same, are synchronized or are directly related. They are not. They are very indirectly related! If they are directly related, the car jerks!

Spencer Jones:

That is helpful. Thanks. I’ll send you a video of my progress once I’ve worked on it some.

Chen Zhonghua:

Another aspect of this de-synchronization can be observed in an old bicycle. In the old no gear bicycle, you pedal to power the bicycle. You pedal hard and fast to make it move faster. But you have the choice of stop pedaling and let the bicycle coast on its own. This means that there is a clutching and de-clutching process involved. Without it, you will have to pedal all the time and when the bicycle is going fast downhill, you might break your legs because you can not follow the speed of the pedals rotation!

The clutching and de-clutching, in our taiji terms, the synchronization and de-synchronization, is the yin yang union and yin yang separation.


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