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Pull this back. That’s the lock. You see the lock. At this point here, i’m on that side. You saw that? Now, i lock here. And now i’m going to do it. I’m going to go backward. You support me. I’m going to go backward. You still pull me. No, sorry, i’m going to do this. So you have to push me now. You switch, no, switch. That’s it.

So now I am on this side, i want to do this. But it’s a still caught. And can you see it’s on that side? Did you see that? That’s called switching. I completed 360, without doing this. 360 is this way. And is here, i did. It came all the way back. All 360s in taiji are through a shifting, gear shift. Is like, you see from here, i go go go here, then i support it here. And by the time it is here, then this one can continue. This one cannot finish all of it.

Did you feel that? So between the two of you, you can describe it to paul, because paul was only watching. He didn’t see. He does not have sensors in his eyes. For me, it felt as i was pushing forward and back. Create the lock. Went over the top. The weight shifted, you could feel it go forward from that. So when i was, when i was touching here. And then. So because he was stuck on the side. And then, so the action was coming this way. But they got stuck. And then went through here, did a tiny circle and switched across to this side. Yeah, yeah, you described right. Now, you have to do it.

It’s the same as a bicycle tire and the spokes, the spoke does not move from here to here. It tries to move it won’t work. It came here. Went there. You just don’t know it. So when i want to go forward, i get locked. It actually, i use this power to pretend to do this. It actually slid, went into the dantian. And then went over there.

So you feel it’s like this. It actually came this way. On the outside you feel i completed. But actually it went that way. But because the shape did not change, you cannot detect my movement inside. Because the bicycle shape, the tire shape, does not indent, although the power goes this way. There’s no indentation, you can only feel here, you don’t have, your sensor sensors do not have access to the core inside.

Just imagine it’s a watermelon. You don’t have abilities to sense the power from this dot went there and came here, you feel it is here. That’s how this is a magic, which means it’s a sleight of hand. Also, it means it’s an optical illusion. Your body does not know that, even when i tell you, you close your eye you feel, you swear it did not go that way. You swear it is here, it’s the same as the keyboard effect.

You heard of the keyboard effect? That’s good, because i created it, that term. So the keyboard effect is the same as movie effect. The movie effect, you see people walking, is the cartoon. Actually, he does not walk. We put a picture of him. One picture here and there is another picture, you put a picture here. There’s another picture. You see him walk. There are three static moves.

So what you do is this is your opponent. And you place your body on, you go like this and this. He feels energy traveling. And you can try this for a thousand years, you still feel the energy moved. But there is no movement. You just do this. But if you lift and do this, he can feel you do that. But if the two are together.

So now you guys watch, but you don’t have the whole thing because we were together. When i push him here, i use here to push. Can you see he has a reaction. At the right time without any movement, because my whole body already laid on him. At this point here, when he starts to fight. Fight. To the extent now he’s stronger than me, and i touch here, he feels the power went there.

That’s all you do. And it feels like, like that. So this is fake, but it’s not fake. In the sense you train again and again until it’s effected. When it is effective it is not fake. Is the same as magic tricks are fake but the kids love it. They serve the purpose, and the parents are happy, and the kids are happy. They go home as kids. They are very satisfied. Oh, that’s cool. But it is only when they grow up and they are older, it’s actually there, the rabbit wasn’t. Didn’t come from there? But the fun was already had.

You understand that now? So this is how the energy travels. My body is totally firm, no movement. And i gave him this feeling. He feels here. And at this point can you see? He feels, went like this. You felt that? Those are two dots. If I have five, you feel my energy goes like this. I’m actually doing this. Because the five already there.

That’s why when you touch me, i go with a with a rope like, no, no fighting, go. If i’m straight, like this. But it’s all there. One here, one here, he did this one here. I’m here. I’m here. And lightly at the right time, i touch, he has a feeling. At this point, there’s a sequence, because i will entice. These are not movements. I caused something, he responds, see, that’s one. Can you see that? When he respond that’s two. On that here, you do not see, i pulled him. That’s three. At that point, i do this here. That’s four. Now the fifth was there. And you feel like this. Eventually, this feel is like a tornado. But i only did one, two, three, four. And one, two, three, four, five sequentially.

That’s why if you are not soft, you only get one. So now you push me. Push me, you only get one. Can you see you never get that, and if you are like this, watch, it’s really one. But mine, see. It’s already two there. And see three there. And bend a little bit more, can you see it is all there? So now you understand? You see the sequence now.

This is the last. And if you already made up everything else, i only need here. So some people come in like this. So he comes like a bear hug. Can you see it’s all there? When it is all there, look at my knee. So i finished the fifth one. Sometimes i have to do four because you will touch me.

Sometimes i only need to do three, then sometimes i need to do. As i get familiar with you, i’m not afraid of you, i can get in and get more. So that’s why, in push hands, i don’t want you to do this. Because now you don’t have a chance. Because even if you can push me over, i’m almost, i’m almost there. Can you see you one two? At least i got three. If i’m falling, i got three.

Because here, when i fall, is this kind of fall. So you understand that part now? So when you do this here, you touch here. You try to touch another spot without moving this one. So now you see here. If you do this, can you see it is here? But can you see? More spot. And if i can do this, it’s already got one, two, three, four. I need just one more. So you got that? This time, we’re just going to do an exercise, count from one to five.

One, two. One two three. One two three four. This one touch. So on the four here. Same thing. So count as fast as you can. Your body has to be rope. If you have any power. Power, right? But see from here. Go do the exercise, you should actually say one two three four five, one two three four five.


现在我站在这边,我想这样做。但这仍然被抓住。你能看到它在那一边吗?你看到了吗?这就是所谓的转关。我没有这样做就完成了360。 360就是这种方式。而且在这里,我做。它一路回来了。太极的所有360都是通过换挡。就像,你看到从这里,我走走走到这里,然后在这里支撑住它。而这个到了这里时,这个可以继续。这不能完成所有的。
















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