Toronto workshop 7 March 2020 afternoon session

Tiger’s back and Bear’s waist (doesn’t have)

Stretch removes indentation and protrusion.
Movements create indentation and protrusion .
Exercise 1
Shoulder as reference and chest goes back or chest is reference and shoulders come forward
(Hands in forward)
Exercise 2
Tear the center of chest (i.e.single whip)
Humanity point(center of the chest in front) and Vitality point (lower back) ( instinct),
Harmony of both is unification of both.
Horizontal relationship and vertical relationship and their controlling mechanism is dot.
Dantian is hub but there’s no crossing (I.e. overpass on road in city)
Positive energy is seen, negative energy can not be seen. They are always pair but only positive is sensed by observer and negative is felt by opponent.
1) Create a space/hole put opponent in there
2) Bait/blunt/blurred vs. focused/sharp/crisp move


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