web admin to do list

  1. In the sales post, create a special sales category to sell physical objects such as calligraphy and swords, etc.
    Numbers will create control over inventory.
  2. Is it easy to create a function to make to do lists?
    All I need is:
    1. Title of event
    2. Note area (text) of the event
    3. Date made. Date to be accomplished.
    4. Priority levels
    5. On accomplishment date a pop up choice of clicking on finished to make the item go off the list, or click to extend date to new date.
    The way a finished item disappears can be that we make it go to the bottom of the list and make it dim/grey. All the greyed list can be listed by dates.
  3. You mentioned that you had the function of multiple menus that will work automatically with the user login. Could you elaborate on that?
    I think something like that will work better for all users as they will be loggin into a more customized menu for efficiency.
  4. A function that can make a post sticky “time sensitive”. Currently a sticky can make a post stay on top till we physically cancel the sticky. We need an auto-function to make the sticky stay for 1 week. It’s like a auto post function.
    Currently there is sticky and there is ability to schedule a post, which means control of publishing date but there is no expiry date. We don’t want a post to expiry totally, just expire from sticky, post on top of the list.
  5. A re-occurring function for posts to appear again the same time next year. All we need is a function to make a post appear by Month-Date and ignore the year.
  6. A hot-list. A post with 2000 views, sold 50 copies, commented 40 times, will go into this list.
  7. The function to give a person editing ability without any other admin powers. This can be a one time only specific appointment. For example, I create an article and lick on who can edit to allow editing powers to that person or persons.
  8. A system that give the user 1 web dollar each time that person makes a comment. As the system requires admin approval currently for comments, this will not be mis-used.


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