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one two(一个点,两个点), you see this line(你看到 这条线了吗)? this no move这个不要动, the hand手这 么走…they can not go like this它不能这样, so,  this here看这里, your intire body你的整个身体,  going through here都要从这里通过, it’s called  alinement这就是劲路, and it’s called vertical这是直 , and anything like this is called horizontal所有像 这样的,都是横, so if you go like this所以如果你这 样的话, it’s called horizontal这就是横, all  horizontal都是横,。

but it’s like但我们是这样的, and  see here你看, this is vertical这是直, this is  horizontal这是横, can you see the dot is here点在这 里, but this is here但肩在这里, it has to go very  small这里要变得很小, going there然后过去, and you  see it再看这边, not like this这样是不可以的, so  every move, you must do this所以你的每个动作都应该 是这样的, now six sealling four closing我们看六封四 闭,。

come over here你来, put a dot here在这里放一个 点, this way这样, can you see here看这里? here to  here从这里到这里, is a line连一条线, this is on the  line这个点在这条线上, this time这一次, is not the  hand leading不是用手来领了, this leading而是用肘来 领, can you see看到了吗? on the way out出去的时候,  watch看, wrong错了,。

on the way out应该这样, so  everything has to go through a dot like that所以所 有的动作都是要通过一个点的, and when every body  part or every part of body所以当你身体的每一个部分,  goes through a dot都通过一个点的话, it’s called a  silk corralling就像把丝拧成一股, so corralling is  the silk must go shrough a little hole, to become  thread拧成一条线, in reality silk corralling is one  silk, one silk, one silk, come in throu a same hole 在现实中,拧丝线的时候是这里一根丝,这里一根丝,这 里一根丝,往一个孔里去,。

and then it does this然后做 这个动作, it becomes a rope就变成一根绳子了, so  our body再看我们的身体, one here一个在这里, one  here一个在这里, one here一个在这里, this can you  see here你看? through this turn通过这里转, it goes  through here你的劲就过去了, this one goes through  here脚上的力往这里, this one here手往这里, every  thing goes through there所有的都往那里去,。

it’s ont  like that不是那样的, so when you are able to do  this所以当你能做到这一点的时候, we say that your  body becomes a machine我们说,你的身体就变成一个机 了, like bow and arrow就像弓和箭, otherwise it’s  animal type of body like this要不的话,你的动作就像 野兽一样, but see但是你看, like that我们是这样的.


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